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An Introduction to Dr Ellen Gilliland; Assistant Professor of Mining and Minerals Engineering

I am an Assistant Professor of Mining and Minerals Engineering at Virginia Tech, and I have a joint appointment at the GeoEnergy Research Centre (GERC) in Nottingham.I haven’t always been a mining engineer and took a roundabout path to land here….

Back in high school, my physics teacher required all students to sign up for one of several lunchtime lecture series.I was annoyed to give up my open-campus lunch break (great, another hour of education!), but I signed up for a series on geophysics because it was the only topic I hadn’t heard of and it turned out to be a serendipitous experience.The series was taught by a professor from the local university who was passionate about teaching and involving students (even high schoolers) in field work.We took several field trips around the state (Oklahoma), using geophysical tools to explore and image the subsurface of the earth.We went to Tulsa to investigate an eyewitness account of a mass grave constructed during the Greenwood race riot of 19…

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