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Human induced surface deformation in Oklahoma - An International Collaboration

My name is Alessandro Novellino, I am an early career researcher at the British Geological Survey (BGS) where I work as Remote Sensing Geoscientist within the Earth and Planetary Observation and Monitoring (EPOM) team.

A key part of my role is the analysis, interpretation and processing of spaceborne data for developing integrated satellite and in-situ monitoring techniques and studying anthropogenic/natural geohazards where ground motion measurements usually represent a key component in disaster risk assessment and management.

A constant part of my time includes collaboration with national and international research institutions (e.g., NASA-JPL, University of Naples, Virginia Tech) and in August 2017 the GeoEnergy Research Centre assisted my research by awarding me funding from the Early Career Researchers Development Fund.

The budget will support my travel, planned for February 2018, to the University at Buffalo (USA) where I will be working with E. Chaussard, assistant professor with…

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